Scipher awarded $1m grant for its Albury e-waste plastics recycling line

Fri, 13 May 22, 5:00 pm

Scipher is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $1m federal government and NSW EPA cofunded grant for its e-waste plastics recycling facility.

The Scipher recycling plant to be developed in Albury, NSW will install Australia’s first e-waste plastics recovery line, equipped with advanced optical and air sorting technologies able to separate mixed e-waste plastics and recover flame-retardant-free single plastic polymers such as polystyrene and ABS plastic chips.

Planning for the project is well underway with Scipher’s local and European technology suppliers and partners. The output of the plastics recycling facility will be high-value, commodity-grade recyclable plastics which will be reintroduced to the economy for manufacture of new products.

Federal Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, who formally announced the successful grant commented “This is an incredibly exciting project. Scipher has skin in the game and will bring jobs to the NSW regional economy. While governments provide the funding, the innovation, the technology, the ideas need to come from wonderful companies like Scipher”

NSW MP Justin Clancy announced “The NSW government is pleased to provide Scipher support to help realise advanced waste recycling capability in Albury”

Scipher Managing Director Chris Sayers said “Scipher is excited to be investing in Australia’s first large-scale e-waste plastics separation and recovery facility. The project represents an innovative recycling solution using advanced technology which will contribute to increased landfill diversion of one of the fastest growing waste streams in the country.”


About Scipher Technologies Pty Ltd (“Scipher”)

Scipher’s vision is to become Australia’s leader in ESG urban mining through the recycling and recovery of valuable metals and materials sourced from e-waste and other complementary waste streams. Scipher adds additional value through IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, including IT asset recovery and data destruction.


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Chris Sayers
Managing Director
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