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Scipher completes an upgrade to its Melbourne e-waste processing facility with support and assistance from Sustainability Victoria of a $395k grant

Scipher has completed a significant upgrade to its Melbourne e-waste processing facility, with the support of funding from Sustainability Victoria through its E-waste Infrastructure Grants Round 2 programme of $395k.

The upgrade includes the installation and commissioning of advanced sorting equipment, that will enhance our downstream capability to separate and recover valuable raw materials from all categories of e-waste processed at our Dandenong plant. Our continuous improvement and infrastructure upgrade programmes ensure our Dandenong Mills Road facility remains the safest and most efficient AS/NZS 5377 accredited e-waste processing plant in Victoria.

James Coghill, Group GM Recycling Services commented, “Our Melbourne Dandenong plant infrastructure upgrade programme includes installation and commissioning of advanced recycling and processing equipment, ensuring we yield the highest quality output of recyclable material in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our staged infrastructure upgrade programme will enable us to provide superior recycling and environmental outcomes to our existing and new Victorian clients.”

Matt Genever, Interim CEO of Sustainability Victoria, commented, “Companies like Scipher Technologies are important contributors to Victoria’s transition to a circular economy. Their project, funded by Sustainability Victoria’s E-waste Infrastructure Grants program, increases the recovery of metals and plastics from electronic waste diverting valuable resources from landfill which reduces the need to mine for new metals and materials.”

Scipher’s Melbourne facility has a capacity to safely process up to 20,000 tonnes of e-waste per year, producing high-quality recyclable material for reintroduction to the local economy.

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