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Scipher is powering the shift to a circular economy.


Recycling is the process of recovering raw material fractions from end-of-life consumer and industrial products that would otherwise be discarded to landfill, and processing the recovered material to a grade suitable for reintroduction to the economic cycle.

Social, political and corporate agendas are turning more towards sustainable business and consumer practices, driven largely by the now pressing need to protect our natural environment.

Scipher is a champion of the circular economy, supporting a shift from our current ‘take-make-dispose’ model of consumerism to a more economically and environmentally sustainable alternative underpinned by the principles of raw material reuse.

Utilising our advanced recycling technologies and combined Senior Management experience in the recycling, hazardous waste, and manufacturing industries we are investing in long-term solutions that are actively and positively contributing to local raw material supply security and a more sustainable Australian economy.


Scipher’s business is driven by economical and ecological best practice. We invest into commercially proven technologies that are more energy efficient than conventional material recovery and recycling techniques.

Our recycling and production processes are largely dry and mechanical: we do not use heat (pyrolysis), chemicals or additives, and use water only sparingly. Materials remain in a constant state throughout the entire separation recovery phases, across all our recycling lines.

Scipher’s business model provides a viable, cost effective and ecologically positive alternative to conventional primary mining. Our recycling processes yield minimal negative impact and levels of environmental stress on land, air and water.


We take governance seriously and have invested into industry leading waste tracking and recycling performance reporting capability.

Our ‘Sciphertech’ reporting modules provide transparent and verifiable data and information on our recycling outcomes, on a batch processing basis source of feedstock, volume of material processed analysed by product, raw materials recovered, landfill diversion rates, downstream material tracking, and carbon abatement parameters.

Sciphertech’s capabilities enable us to significantly exceed minimum statutory reporting requirements of an Australian licensed e-waste recycler, provide verifiable product stewardship data to OEMs, and tailor reporting and information extraction in line with each and every of our client’s requirements.


People are our most important and valuable asset. We have implemented and continue to build on our industry leading OHS systems to support our workforce, ensuring all our employees think safety, work safely and arrive home safe.

We proudly support local organisations in providing meaningful work opportunities to those facing employment challenges.

Scipher has partnered with a Social Enterprise in employing a diverse team of production line and warehouse staff and invest into training and development of new skills for our people.

We actively support and seek employment of female staff at all levels across our business, and as a priority ensure our workplace is underpinned by policies of safety, security and inclusiveness.


Scipher continues to work with its local and international partners and technology suppliers on a number of research & development projects aimed at improving our raw material and resource recovery capability.

We are technology agnostic, and through our retained international partners are continually monitoring the global market-place for new and advanced recycling equipment and processes.

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