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IT refurbishment and data destruction.

Providing complete IT life-cycle solutions.

Asset recovery

Scipher provides comprehensive ITAD services, including Blancco-certified data erasure for any device containing sensitive information, and testing and refurbishment of IT equipment considered fit for reuse or resale.

IT system decommissioning can also be provided, for server and communications infrastructure, multi-device and integrated IT systems, exchange centres and other complex hardware set-ups.

Our Asset Recovery capabilities represent an extension to our e-waste recycling services, creating a fully integrated solutions for all end-of-life IT products.

Lifecycle Management:
Our five step process

1. Consultation
– Assessment and review of IT assets value and service requirements.


2. Decommisioning & logistics

– Onsite decommissioning services for data centres, office relocation or facilities management.
– Secure collection, removal and transportation services.


3. Certified data destruction

– On-site and off-site data destruction solutions in line with standards approved by the Australian Federal Government and Department of Defence.
– Stringent quality control on refurbished and repaired IT assets ensuring they are fit for re-use.


4. IT asset refurbishment

– Established local, regional and international IT asset remarketing, enabling competitive asset buy-back of devices with residual value.
– Financial rebates may also be offered depending on the value of IT assets, as determined by asset credit valuations.


5. Outcome-focused reporting

– Provision of a serialised report for full traceability and verification of the data wiping outcome for each device.
– Inventory management with defined quality control procedures to ensure assets are processed in accordance with client expectations and policy requirements.

Secure Data destruction

Our data sanitisation capabilities are supported by Blancco, offering military grade, verified data wiping of all IT equipment and storage devices containing personal and confidential data. Services offered that ensure a verified destruction of personal information include:

  • Blancco certified hard-drive and storage device data erasures
  • Asset degaussing (a demagnetising process to destroy data stored on hard drives and other magnetic media such as audio and backup tapes)
  • Physical dismantling and destruction of individual assets and integrated IT systems

Benefits of ITAD

Many businesses and individuals frequently upgrade their IT, which often still holds value and can be used for less demanding tasks, resold or donated to schools or charitable organisations.

Reuse of IT is a preferable economic and environmental outcome to destroying and recycling equipment that has a remaining useful life. By extending the use of PCs and other IT equipment, product life-cycle emissions are reduced.

We have established national and international sales channels for refurbished IT, and are also actively supporting charitable organisations and schools through our donations of reusable IT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure my personal data and information is secure when disposing my IT for recycling?

It is not uncommon to hold on to old and end-of-life IT because of uncertainty regarding where and how devices will be processed for recycling.

Our recommended steps to take to ensure data privacy when disposing old devices are:

  1. Back-up any information to a reliable and secure location.
  2. Remove SIM cards and memory cards from the device.
  3. Manually delete information from the device (don’t forget to check the device’s recycling bin!)
  4. Perform a factory reset or device initialisation to restore the device to its original settings.
  5. Research and find a trusted IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) specialist to securely erase your personal data before being recycled or refurbished, who are able to provide verified certificates of destruction as proof of complete data wiping on a device.

How do I dispose of working electronic devices?

For complete assurance, provision IT equipment for data destruction to a licensed e-waste recycler ensures fully verifiable reporting of complete and unrecoverable destruction of data and information.

Scipher offers certified services of data wiping and physical destruction of IT assets.

Our data destruction services are undertaken at secure locations at our Melbourne and Perth ITAD facilities, separate from our recycling facilities. Any assets that are considered non-reusable, of if requested by a client we assign to our recycling operations for complete certified physical destruction.

What are the benefits of re-use vs recycling?

Over 80% of a computer’s carbon emissions are created in the manufacturing and transportation processes. These environmental costs can be avoided by extending the life of the asset through reuse, repair and refurbishment.

Scipher provides comprehensive IT refurbishment services through our ITAD and Asset Recovery division.

How to destroy virtual documents and personal information?

Simply deleting local files from your phone, computer or hard drive is not enough to wipe the information completely from the device.

The only way to ensure data and information is completely destroyed is by sending the device to a ITAD specialist.

Technicians run licensed data erasure software to remove all traces of personal information and provide a guaranteed certificate of destruction to confirm that no data can ever be recovered.

Data destruction services

With facilities in Canning Vale, WA and Dandenong, VIC, Scipher offers IT data destruction services using world-leading asset erasure technology.

You can request for any device to be processed through our Asset Recovery system to give you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.