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Powering the
circular economy

Conserving natural resources and contributing to a sustainable future.

Scipher is a leader in Australian e-waste recycling.

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Transforming e-waste recovery and reuse

End-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (‘e-waste’) is the fastest growing waste stream in Australia.

It contains diverse substances and elements, including hazardous materials, and also valuable resources that can be recycled.

Scipher employs advanced and environmentally safe technologies to separate and recover raw materials from e-waste to help fuel a low carbon economic future.

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E-waste recycling

Recovery of raw materials included in e-waste

Asset recovery

Reuse and refurbishment of obsolete or disused IT equipment

Circular solar

End-of-life PV panel recycling

Our impact

Our advanced processing technology is dry and mechanical, ensuing little or no adverse environmental impact on air, land and water. We produce commodity-grade output fit for reintroduction to the economic cycle. Our continuing R&D programmes and select upstream and downstream partnerships ensure we deliver the highest quality on-shore recycling services in the Australian e-waste industry.

For every kilogram of waste that enters one of our facilities, we’re able to track every recovered and reprocessed kilogram that is diverted from landfill. Our waste tracking and reporting system analyses every batch of waste processed by source, item category and recovered materials, ensuring full verification and transparency in our recycling performance reported to our clients and stakeholders.

The safety of our people is our highest priority. We are committed to the well-being of every employee, customer, contractor, and visitor across our organisation. Safety awareness is embedded within our culture. Our focus on education, training, and continually improving safety procedures creates a work environment for our people where they are able to thrive.


Our technology

As the range and volume of consumer and industrial electronics continues to increase, we are constantly testing and trialing new waste processing technologies for end-of-life solutions.

Our objective is to pioneer innovative, commercially viable, and environmentally responsible recycling solutions in collaboration with our equipment suppliers and partners.

We operate our facilities in line with global best practice and ensure our technologies and processes provide high-quality recycling and environmental outcomes for all our customers, partners and other stakeholders including regulators and community.

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Total Green Recycling

Total Green Recycling has been the leader in Western Australia’s e-waste and ITAD industry for over 15 years. Scipher acquired TGR in 2021, creating the largest e-waste recycling Group in Australia.

Operating successfully for the better part of two decades, the Total Green team’s extensive knowledge and experience are a valuable addition to our Group. The combined strength of our operations empowers us to deliver national solutions and services to clients, customers and partners across the country.

The expanded geographical reach of the Scipher Group will help ensure all Australia’s e-waste is processed on-shore, and our commodity-grade output is returned to local economic cycles.

We are firmly committed to making recycling a cornerstone of our planet’s well-being. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and responsible e-waste management future.

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