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Scipher achieves 1,000,000 kg e-waste recycling milestone

Scipher is pleased to provide an update on International E-waste day. We have achieved a key recycling milestone of 1,000,000 kg of e-waste processed at our Melbourne facility. This was accomplished through Scipher’s unique value-add propositions to our clients, some of which are listed below:


  • 5 day a week recycling service
  • Pre-gate, package supply, transport and e-waste storage assets
  • Recycle service
  • Commodity recovery
  • Conveniently located for clients in an industrial hub
  • Close to major transport links
  • Competitive price.


  • Exclusive technology agreements
  • Dry and mechanical commodity recovery technologies
  • Processed material remains in a constant state
  • High material recovery rate (>95%)
  • High purity grade of output
  • Can process a range of input materials
  • Low part replacement costs.


  • Skilled and experienced site operational employees
  • Leadership team have significant e-waste and hazardous waste expertise with many years’ experience
  • Relationships with Federal and State regulators
  • Exclusive relationships with leading EU e-waste experts.


  • EPA licensed facility
  • Accredited facility (AS/NZS 5377)
  • ISO compliant (Environment & Health and Safety management systems)
  • New Management Information System focused on detailed waste tracking and reporting in line with NTCRS requirements
  • Promotion and practical application of the Circular Economy.


  • Landfill diversion of e-waste
  • Minimal environmental footprint
  • No use of pyrolysis (heat), gases, chemicals or other additives
  • Responsible management of hazardous waste
  • Low energy use
  • Reduced CO2 emissions compared to conventional raw material recovery.

Chris Sayers, Managing Director commented, “Scipher has made significant progress across our people, technology, services, licences and contracts aimed towards our goal of become Australia’s leader in ESG urban mining. The 1 million kg e-waste raw materials recovery milestone, announced on the occasion of International E-waste day, has been a team effort and I would like to thank all those who have been involved and this will be the first of many major milestones to come.

International E-waste day was developed by the WEEE Forum, a global not-for-profit organisation represented by producer responsibility organisations. The day raises public awareness of the social and environmental issues caused by one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams, and aims to encourage consumers to take responsibility for recycling of their e-waste.”

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