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Scipher awarded 1.7m grant for development of its large-scale photovoltaic (PV) panel recycling facility

Scipher is pleased to announce it has been awarded funding from the NSW Government for the Circular Solar grants program, to support the development of its advanced PV panel recycling facility to be located at Albury NSW. The $1.7m grant will be invested alongside a significant equity contribution from Scipher to the project.

Planning for development and operation of the facility has been undertaken in partnership and cooperation with our key project partners, The University of NSW School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering (UNSW SPREE), NPC Incorporated Japan and Ettamogah Rail Hub. The facility will offer a commercially viable and sustainable solution for recycling of end-of-life PV panels, a waste stream which is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.

NSW Minister for Environment James Griffin said, “the funding will drive a circular economy by helping NSW develop new ways of dealing with solar panel waste, which is increasingly important as currently installed systems reach the end of their life.”

“The EPA’s Circular Solar Grants program is directly focused on finding innovative solutions to manage the emerging solar panel waste stream,” said Kristie Brown, Director of Circular Economy Programs, NSW EPA.

“With this funding, we’re supporting the construction of Scipher’s Albury facility that will divert up to 2,000 tonnes of decommissioned solar panels from landfill per annum. It’s all part of building the circular economy in NSW.”

Chris Sayers, Managing Director, commented “Our proposed PV panel recycling facility will employ some of the most advanced, environmentally sound and commercially proven recycling technology available. We are excited about our partnership with the NSW EPA, and look forward to working with our commercial partners across the NSW end-of-life PV panel value chain, including local councils, collection and logistics specialists, PV panel installers, utility scale PV power plant owners and operators, and our accredited downstream commodity offtakers, in realising our project.”

The facility will initially process up to 2,000 tonnes of PV panel waste per year, and as volumes of waste grow Scipher will invest further to increase capacity of the facility.

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